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I would like to give a warm welcome to all who wish to find out some simple and down-to-earth information about Contemplative Prayer.

My name is  Karl Longworth, and I have found Contemplative Prayer to be a great help in both my personal and working life. If you are interested in this enriching activity, I hope my website will introduce you to the basics, and help you get started.
Many people today are discovering a spiritual side to life and the practice of contemplative prayer can be useful. I trust that these web pages will provide you with a powerful tool in developing your own spirituality or teaching it to others.
Please feel free to read, use and pass on the material, but please always quote the source.
If this page has whet your appetite and you wish to find out more, why not purchase some books on this fascinating topic from

The World Inside Bookshop 

These excellent books have been specifically chosen to help you develop the Lost Art of Contemplative Prayer. 

Also, I have recently published a book on the theme of "How to Manage a Midlife Crisis". This book contains many helpful keys to surviving a difficult time of life.
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